Spontaneity in Segorbe -January 12, 2013

Our plan was to bathe in the hot springs of Montanejos, but like most things, it did not go as planned. Saturday morning rolled around and to my surprise a good number of us were up and ready to take on a new part of Spain, it was not even 9:30am which is a time of day rarely seen in the study center (unless you are going to class, but this was a Saturday). The adventure began as soon as we walked out side of the study center, since we are on Spanish time here, naturally we were late. So we hailed a cab to take us 1/2 a mile to the bus station to make our 10 o’clock Montanejos bus! 9:55 we arrive, on time! We searched for our bus, and to our dismay the bus to Montanejos came everyday besides Saturday. Plan B, their was no Plan B. W were already at the bus station so we had one other option, Segorbe. This is a small medieval town located in the region of Valencia and province of Castellon. So we got on the bus and into the mountains we went!

The town was beautiful, their were mountains as far as the eye could see and the sun rays were beaming strong as ever!

We made our way to the highest point of the town, and hung out for a while at the remains of an ancient medieval castle located on the hill of ‘la estrella’

The view of the town of Segorbe from the top of La Estrella hill

It was quite evidant to all of the locals that we did not belong in Segorbe, we were defenitly the youngest people in town.

We than made our way to the square of agua limpia where you could see people filling their water jugs with the clean spring water. Segorbe is a town that is heavily devoted to it’s agriculture. On our ‘hike’ we stumbled into some gardens, the hard work was evident in the development and structure of these gardens.

Mountain side garden in Segorbe

Natasha and I flying high in Segorbe
(photo by Mili)

We explored the entire city in a little under 6 hours, if you are around the region of Valencia during Segorbe’s famous ‘Entrada de toros y caballos‘ which takes place in early September, this would be the time to check out the town. Thousands of tourist come to Segorbe to see the horses lead the bulls in the street. From the looks of the town, I feel that this is their main event of the year, a festival not to miss!


The essence of pleasure is spontaneity.”  -Germaine Greer

1 thought on “Spontaneity in Segorbe -January 12, 2013

  1. I love that quote at the end! Life is all about adventure! Hahaha, that story sounds so familiar! Glad you guys decided to take a chance though because WOW that place is gorgeous! Looks like everything these is so picturesque! In fact, what camera are you using?? These picture are really great!

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