DAY 1 (recap) let the new year begin!

I love to write, but I have never had a blog. After reading a few school mates blogs I realized… why not? Si o no? SI! So here it goes… I have been keeping a journal of my time in Espana but now this will go beyond that so my friends and family on the other side of the pond can keep up with me… because it is a little difficult to find time in between school and a 6 hour time difference to skype.

After spending my summer in Vail,Colorado my return back to Tallahassee was not pleasant. I missed waking up to breathe taking scenery and having endless amounts of new territory to explore, so August 20 when I arrived back in Tallahassee, known to most of us as “Tallanasty” I knew my time back would be temporary. Rather than taking a semester off and putting my self behind in school I came across my University’s study abroad program. Since I am an international Affairs major, this sounded perfect! My major would allow me to go to Valencia, Spain or Florence,Italy; it didn’t take me long to pick Spain. Being half Puerto Rican and Half Spanish, my great-grandfather was from the region of Gailica, it seemed perfect to go back to my “roots.”

And finally the day came December 30, my best friend, who is studying in Bilbao, and I set off for a trek across the sea and landed in Valencia, Spain on New Years Eve, a night were people tend to party… so I’ve heard 😉 My program started Jan 3, so we had a few days before hand to explore the city. First stop, bed! After coming off of a full day of flying with no sleep because I was to hopped up on excitement to rest, we knew we needed to nap before the New Years eve festivities began. We slept the day away and woke up at 11 pm! We quickly got ready and hailed a cap to the “city center” were most of Valencia would be drinking champagne and eating the traditional 12 grapes for good luck!

The sun begins to peek out over the port in Valencia
photo by Abby

Yellow and pink encompass the first skies of 2013!
Photo by Abby

Well our cab driver wasn’t the wisest of them all and dropped us off near (what I would later find out) Plaza de la Virgen. The streets were empty, so we tried to hurry to the city center to ring in the new year, that didn’t happen.  The clock struck 12 and we were in the middle of Plaza de la Virgen, which is A OK with me! Long story short we met a great group of Germans and danced all night than proceed to watch the first day of 2013 come to light over the calm waters of the Mediterranean.


3 thoughts on “DAY 1 (recap) let the new year begin!

  1. Oh my god! Terrible cab drivers! But of course you two would make the best of it, Germans, eh?? Wow, how beautiful the sunset is! Man, this first blog is already so inspiring. I need to get out of here! 🙂 Keep writing !!

  2. Exactly Rosie…..great writing! Keep blog-ing baby!!!! This is excellent writing and a great way to keep track of life as it rushes by. I`m happy you are grabbing every minute and making the most of life. I love that about you little Schneebler! She could have gotten that from her Titi Dorris…LOL…I am a published writer! Of course….her talents come from her awesome mama! Love you!

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