Bilbao in the Basque Country of Spain!

On January 5, after we partied with my schoolmates at the discoteca “La Tres” until nearly 5am (“early” according to the Valencian’s) Abby and I made a quite jocular journey to VLC airport to catch a sunrise trip to Bilbao, Spain where Abby will be studying until mid-May.

Never have I witnessed a sunrise quite as beautiful as the one coming into Bilbao, imagine being high above the clouds watching the sky go down the color spectrum … black<violet<indigo<blue<green<yellow<orange and finally the red fiery ball of the sun! If you can ever catch a sunrise flight, do it! Than we began to roll into the mountains, I have never seen better scenery!

After we checked into our hotel room we went to Frank Gehry’s “Guggenheim Museum” which gives the city such a fresh look with a mountainous back drop, the most picturesque town i have been to in my short 20 years of life! Bilbao’s architecture was very unique, it is a mix of modern buildings and antique churches… suitable for everyone’s taste! Not only that, but the city is in the mountains and on the beach, what a combo!

Guggenheim along the Nervion river (Notice the Jet skii’s passing by)

Louise Bourgeois, Maman, 1999

Flamingo Capsule, 1970 by James Rosenquist

I really loved this piece by Rosenquiest done in memory of 3 astronauts who died in training for Apollo 1. It was neat when you looked into the aluminum the colors morphed together with the reflection from the painting. To read more check out

Bilbao’s collection of art was amazing! They had one exhibit dedicated to the 60’s and another was all pop art from the 70’s and 80’s (above and below) which was my favorite!


Gilbert Y George 1984

The Waking by Gilbert Y George 1984

(photo’s by me!)

Ended up taking quite the siesta on Saturday (Two sunrises in less than a week will do that to you) and Sunday spent the day moving Abby into her new dorm at Universidad de Deusto, so my time spent in the Basque country was not nearly enough! I shall return in April and have much more time to explore the Sopelana beach and hike the cliffs that run along the ocean! Two thumbs way up for Bilbao, Spain; the 4th largest city in Spain!


2 thoughts on “Bilbao in the Basque Country of Spain!

  1. I don’t know why but this post had me tearing up. Probably because I am so proud and happy for you! I’m so inspired to see the sunset from a new perspective! That architecture is incredible!

    • Oh Dannielle…I joined this thing so I could leave a message. I LOVE…love….love all your Blog writing. Keep doing everything you possible can. This is a life experience girl! Love…Titi Dorris

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